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Remembering the tale that was lost...


 A very enjoyable and proud moment in my life was going to the Museum in Cherokee, NC, and finding an exhibit called  Emmisaries of Peace, where I saw an ancestor, Standing Turkey! 

Cumnacatogue (also known as Cunne Shote, Stalking Turkey or Standing Turkey) was one of three Cherokee chiefs who travelled by ship to London in 1762 to see King George III.

He was the nephew of the Chief "Old Hop."  There have been numerous articles and stories written about Standing Turkey.  It is generally believed Standing Turkey was the father of Chief (Colonel) Pathkiller.

Standing Turkey is the good-looking man in the middle with the red plume! 

The three were in London from June to August in 1762. 

Because the King had the men sit and have their portraits painted while in London, we are able to see what an ancestor looked like.  AWESOME!

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