The Signs of Aging – Are These Normal?

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It is often said that if you want to live long you must be prepared to grow old.  While many of us accept the many struggles of growing old, some are still left uneasy of the fact that growing old means to be prone to the aging signs you see in a lot of senior citizens you meet.  The thing is, regardless of how unadapt we are with this growing old thingy, we must face reality because like it or not, if are going to live long, then we will definitely live old. (more…)

Avanafil – Things You Should Know About

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Avanafil is the fifth drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration of America for the treatment of male sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction.  Although people may ask why the need for another erectile dysfunction since there is only a limited market for ED, well, the answer to this is that it may not be crucial for you if you don’t suffer the condition, but if you do, you will definitely accept it as a welcome option.  Stendra is the branded name for avanafil. (more…)