There is No Better Way than Getting Your Finasteride 1mg Online

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Normally, men who are still in their youth hardly give any though about hair loss, male pattern baldness in particular.  Even if their dad, their brother, or uncle seems to have the condition, they simply see their kin as becoming bald.  However, as soon as they mature and enter the middle age part of their life, the possibility of inheriting the genetic trait of baldness will somewhat become to be a more personal issue for them.  The thing is, not all men will grow bald.  Those that do, however, simply mean that this condition of theirs is a part of their genetic makeup.  So if you are male and have family members that are bald or are becoming bald, then there is also a high chance that you may end up becoming bald yourself as well.

There are different ways or methods acceptable in treating hair loss.  The problem is, many of these accepted or highly marketed or endorsed treatments are not exactly real treatments, but more like the delaying of the inevitable.  Creams, ointments, shampoos, and topical solutions are the most common product you will find that claims to be as treatment for male pattern baldness.  However, since they only work at scalp level as this is the area where they are applied to, they really do not perform any treatment.  They just simply slow down the progression of hair loss.

The one product that is truly effective in stopping hair loss due to androgenic alopecia is finasteride 1mg.  This is actually the generic name as well as the generic alternative to the popular hair loss treatment drug, Propecia.  Both Propecia and finasteride 1mg are virtually the same drug.  Except for the fact that one is branded and more expensive, and the other is generic and usually more affordable.  Nevertheless, since they both are made with the exact same ingredients, their overall effect is just the same. (more…)