An Overview of the Penis’ Foreskin

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The penis’ foreskin, also called as prepuce, is basically a part of the main skin of the penis that blankets the head of the penis, mainly for protection from the elements.  Of course, this is no longer necessary today thanks to the clothing and undergarments that we wear.  Nevertheless, nature has provided us with some means of protection.

When a male is born, this skin prepuce extends over the head of the penis.  The excess in skin is actually very long that it accounts to nearly a third to even a half of the entire length of the penile skin.  Even though the foreskin looks just like the skin of the shaft, still, the foreskin is littered with nerves endings and blood vessels.  The inside of the foreskin helps to keep the head of the penis cool and naturally lubricated.

Connecting the head of the penis and the foreskin is a tissue called frenulum.  It looks and functions very similarly to the connective tissue that connects the tongue to salivary gland beneath it.  If the penis is limp, the frenulum becomes tense so the main opening of the foreskin becomes narrower.  However, if the penis becomes erect, the frenulum relaxes allowing the head of the penis to pop out of the opening.

The nerve bundles that are situated inside the foreskin can actually provide additional sensation and stimulation making sexual intercourse more pleasurable.  In fact, the lubricating function it does can assist with the sexual intercourse itself.  In addition to this, the frenulum which attaching the head to the skin can also add to the stimulation.

The length of the foreskin differs with every individual.  There are men whose foreskin covers the entire area of the head of the penis.  There are others on the other hand whose foreskin covers only a part of the head.  In fact, there are even others who are considered to be naturally circumcised because they are born with very little foreskin.

The truth is, even though the foreskin is actually intended to protect the penis and even give additional sensation, it can actually create nasty problems for men.  Since the foreskin always keeps the head of the penis moist, it means it is also prone to bacteria buildup, especially when regular hygiene is not accomplished.  Poor hygiene can lead to the development of smegma and urinary tract infections.

When the foreskin becomes too tight for the head of the penis, a condition which they call phimosis, it basically becomes an indicator that it is now the proper time for circumcision.  Additionally, when the foreskin slides down the head of the penis and will not return back, a condition which they call paraphimosis, is also yet another indicator for circumcision. This is because with the later issue, the head and foreskin may become swollen.  Another condition which is a determinant of circumcision is balanposthitis which is basically the swelling of the inside of the foreskin which involves the mucous surface.

The truth is there are other problems that the foreskin can cause.  Even though the prepuce offers additional sensation during sexual intercourse, this added benefit is still in no way sufficient to keep it for all the problems it may cause.  Logically, it can do more harm than good so it would be in men’s best interest to be just off with it.

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