Nontraditional Household Memberships

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As domestic partnership registration becomes more common, many health clubs and fitness professionals may face the issue of dealing with requests for family memberships for same-sex couples. Current federal and California laws prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation; however, these laws do not require health clubs to recognize homosexual couples as families. These laws can be misleading to club owners, they should keep in mind that benefits cannot be offered to one group and denied to another group based on sexual orientation. Therefore, club owners who give membership discounts to married couples cannot deny the same discounts to same-sex couples. At the same time, owners who offer membership benefits to married and same-sex couples, but deny the same benefits to heterosexual unmarried live-in couples, maybe discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

The laws can be unclear, but the following are some questions to help prepare your club to deal with same-sex discount requests:

Are discounts offered to one group of members and not to others?
Is there a written policy for same-sex couples? Is this policy enforced?
Are the policies for family memberships clearly defined?
Is the staff properly trained to handle same-sex membership inquiries? (more…)

How to Rejuvenate with HGH Piils

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For decades, science has been desperate for searching an ultimate solution to reverse the aging process. HGH, or the human growth hormone, was one of the most interesting discoveries since the 1920s due to its promising benefits to fight the signs of aging. No wonder it gained the title as the “fountain of youth.” But how can we rejuvenate with HGH? There are quite simple and natural ways to up your growth hormone level without actually involving those synthetic hormones which are more expensive and dangerous. Read on to learn the easy tricks!

Get a regular intense workout

How many times do you actually expose your body to exhausting activities? No matter what kind of exercise you do as long as it can stress your body a bit and makes you sweat a lot is good enough to keep your GH on the top level. Although this tip is not actually new, you should know that getting enough exercise stimulates your body to burn more fats and synthesize more protein to come up with the demands from the energy-draining activities. This, in return, causes your system to produce more growth hormones as a natural reaction. However, giving in to more than an hour of exercise is not also good and healthy. The recommended time you should allot for exercise is around 30 to 45 minutes per day. This should be enough to keep your pituitary gland kicking. (more…)

The Signs of Aging – Are These Normal?

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It is often said that if you want to live long you must be prepared to grow old.  While many of us accept the many struggles of growing old, some are still left uneasy of the fact that growing old means to be prone to the aging signs you see in a lot of senior citizens you meet.  The thing is, regardless of how unadapt we are with this growing old thingy, we must face reality because like it or not, if are going to live long, then we will definitely live old. (more…)