Using the Power of Imagination to Plan for Behavior-Change Success

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“I asked her how she had been able to stick to her exercise program this year, when in the past she had usually stopped working out after a few months,” your friend, a fitness instructor and personal trainer, explains. “She told me that, every morning when she wakes up, she imagines herself going straight to the fitness center and enjoying her workout. She focuses on how good the workouts make her feel, how much energy she has during the day and how much better she sleeps at night. If something is coming up in the next few days, like visitors from out of town or school vacation, she makes a plan to squeeze in some activity. She says it only takes a few minutes, and that imagining herself getting to her workout seems to help make it really happen. I’m thinking of recommending this idea to my other clients. Instead of doing this kind of planning only at the beginning of an exercise program, they should also do a few minutes of planning and visualization each day. What do you think about this idea?”

Maximizing the power of visualization

Most fitness professionals are familiar with using visualization to enhance sports performance, manage stress and facilitate behavior change. Studies of athletes have found that mental performance of sports skills can enhance the improvement that comes with physical practice. Obviously, mental practice is not a substitute for physical training, but it can somehow sharpen an athlete’s focus so that physical training produces faster results.

If you have ever used visualization to improve your sports skills, you probably spent some time imagining yourself executing that particular skill: a perfect golf swing, tennis serve or skiing form. As you imagined this, you may have even felt your muscles responding as though trying to perform the imagined movements. As you visualized yourself performing a skill, you may have gathered information about the skill, and even gotten new ideas to try out at your next practice session.

Visualization appears to produce the best results when clients use it to focus on the process of skill acquisition, rather than simply focusing on the product: winning a race, match and so forth. In fact, in one study, focusing on the product appeared to be counterproductive.

Similar results have been found for visualization for the purpose of behavior change. People who visualize the skills needed to accomplish a certain behavior-change goal appear to make better progress than those who simply visualize themselves as having already achieved their goals. For example, people trying to quit smoking seem to get more benefit from visualizing themselves sipping tea after dinner instead of smoking, rather than just being a nonsmoker. People trying to lose weight may benefit more from imagining themselves going for a walk at lunch, rather than visualizing themselves as being thin.

Instructions to Treat UTI With Amoxicillin 500mg

The urinary tract infection is an extremely regular sort of infection particularly in ladies. Sooner or later of our lives we may secure this infection not as a result of poor cleanliness yet for different reasons like a low body resistance. An infection is exceptionally undesirable since the microorganisms that brought about the affliction can develop, duplicate, and ingest all the supplements your body needs. When you have an infection you are constantly denied to carry on with a sound life. Besides once the infection is not treated instantly it can result in different genuine issues as the microscopic organisms can cross to alternate organs and duplicate. At last, infections that have gone genuine can prompt demise. Before your condition can get worse it is better to treat UTI when you are, no doubt been diagnosed of it. There are numerous conceivable drugss that the specialist may endorse for you, however the most prominent one is amoxicillin 500mg.

So how would you get an UTI? Most individuals, particularly ladies, may get the infection because of lack of proper hygiene. While doubtlessly UTI might be forestalled with an immune system, yet having unfortunate propensities like wiping in the wrong course (for ladies) can trigger the onset of the issue. In the female group, the structure of the genitalia being so close with the rear-end make them more powerless of having UTI that is the reason ladies, particularly youngsters, ought to be taught the correct approach to wipe. The microscopic organisms from the butt could be spread through the urethra and lead the microorganisms to flourish into the urinary system. (more…)

Ways to Buy Flagyl Online

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Infections are undesirable for so many reasons. One, infections can make you sick and thus hinders you from doing your normal activities and prevents you from living a normal life. Second, an infection can deprive you from living a healthy life. Infections can cause depletion of important nutrients needed not only to live healthy but also to survive in the long run. The microorganism that has caused the infection uses the main nutrients in your body for their own survival. Third, once the infections are left untreated they can multiply and affect nearby organs. In the long run, this can cause complications and even death. There are many ways in which we can acquire an infection. The fact that we are exposed to the different pathogens everyday is already a clear risk and thus we are not always safe with any environments that we might have in contact with. You can also get an infection through a contaminated water or food. With so many ways to get an infection, it goes to show that we need to boost our immunity system daily. However a time might come that our own natural defense fails to protect us and so we need effective antibiotics to eliminate the root cause of the ailment. If you are looking for the most effective and safe antibiotic treatment then flagyl might be the one for you.

Just like any other products or services you avail over the internet you can also buy drugs today through the world wide web. A lot of business owner as well as customers were able to appreciate the business over the internet and so many other kinds of business are continuing to expand online, including the drug stores. If you are so concerned of your health at the same time your pocket then you can choose to buy flagyl online and appreciate the perks that other customers have experienced. (more…)

Can Amoxicillin Treat Viral Infections?

Amoxicillin is especially intended to treat infections caused by Streptococci, Staphylococcus, P. mirabilis, N. gonorrhoeae, E. coli, H. pylori, H. influenza, and S. pneumonia. The microorganisms mentioned are the root causes of the infections of the nose, throat, middle ear, larynx, lungs, tonsils, bronchi, urinary tract, and skin, as well as gonorrhoea. Thus, with what is included above, you may not use amoxicillin for treating viral infections. Doctors can only prescribe amoxicillin for the treatment of infections caused by various types of bacteria. Furthermore, your doctor might use amoxicillin for other purposes.

Aside from the question above, some patients may also have other questions regarding the usage of amoxicillin. For the sake of answering these questions, this article might provide you some answers. However, we do not recommend you to use this information as an alternative of your doctor’s expertise. Consult your health care provider first before you use amoxicillin for the treatment of a particular infection.

Can amoxicillin treat STDs?

The only infection that may be associated with sexual infections and treated with amoxicillin is gonorrhoea. Sometimes, the antibiotic drug may be even used in combination with the other medicines to achieve optimum results. However, we do not recommend you to experiment with drugs by your own since it can be risky at the same time. Only a doctor can prescribe you which medicines are safe to combine with amoxicillin. Thus, if you are using this antibiotic drug with other treatments, make sure that you have permission from your doctor. Moreover, you cannot use amoxicillin to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Get the appropriate protection or learn some strategies for safe sex fro your health care provider. (more…)

Generic versus Branded Drugs

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When it comes to drugs or medications, we are often led to believe that branded drugs are better than generic ones because the latter are made with poor or inferior quality ingredients and that they are mostly intended for the financially deprived.  The thing is that this is not the case as generic drugs are made using the same ingredients as the branded ones.  The only difference perhaps is the manufacturing and quality control process.  This means that both branded and generic medications hardy have any difference in them as they both possess similar dosages and potencies.  What sets both apart though is the price as generic drugs are generally much cheaper than branded medications.

There Should Be No Difference between the Two

In theory and as claimed, there should not be any difference between both branded and generic drugs because they basically use the same ingredients.  For this reason, it should be safe to say that they have the same effect as their expensive counterpart.  Since all generic drugs are also FDA-approved, it means they are equally effective in treating the condition they are supposed to treat. (more…)

A Workout for Traveling

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So there you are, in your hotel room at the end of a busy day. You would really like to work out, but this hotel doesn’t have a gym and it’s too dark to go running. You forgot to bring your resistance bands or those fold-up weights you fill with water. All is not lost. Here’s a body weight circuit you can do just about anywhere.

You can start with a few minutes of jumping jacks or marching in place to warm up, then finish with some stretching. Do each exercise for 12 repetitions or until you feel sufficient muscle fatigue and that you are losing your strict technique. Go directly to the next exercise. Note we alternate upper and lower body exercises so you will not be using the same muscle groups on successive exercises.

Ready to go? Put on those shorts you just bought at the thrift shop (because you forgot yours) and warm up. Then do your exercises in this order: (more…)

An Overview of the Penis’ Foreskin

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The penis’ foreskin, also called as prepuce, is basically a part of the main skin of the penis that blankets the head of the penis, mainly for protection from the elements.  Of course, this is no longer necessary today thanks to the clothing and undergarments that we wear.  Nevertheless, nature has provided us with some means of protection.

When a male is born, this skin prepuce extends over the head of the penis.  The excess in skin is actually very long that it accounts to nearly a third to even a half of the entire length of the penile skin.  Even though the foreskin looks just like the skin of the shaft, still, the foreskin is littered with nerves endings and blood vessels.  The inside of the foreskin helps to keep the head of the penis cool and naturally lubricated.

Connecting the head of the penis and the foreskin is a tissue called frenulum.  It looks and functions very similarly to the connective tissue that connects the tongue to salivary gland beneath it.  If the penis is limp, the frenulum becomes tense so the main opening of the foreskin becomes narrower.  However, if the penis becomes erect, the frenulum relaxes allowing the head of the penis to pop out of the opening. (more…)

Medical Treatments for Hair Loss – Finasteride

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Common male pattern baldness, hair loss in men, or androgenetic alopecia – no matter what you call it, the end result is the same, and that is, permanently losing one’s hair and getting bald.  This particular genetic condition actually accounts for over 95% of hair loss in men.  By the age of 35, about two-thirds of these men will encounter a certain degree of evident hair loss, and by the age of 50, about 80% of these men will obviously have thinning hair.  Shockingly, about 25% of males who suffer with male-pattern hair loss will start this embarrassing dilemma even before they reach the age of 21!


Simple Strategies on How to Strengthen Your Immune System

Diseases and infections are both common and unavoidable.  If you have experienced having colds, pinkeye, or flu, then you know just how unavoidable some infectious diseases are.  Fortunately, we have our immune system to protect us from other diseases.  Even if we get sick at times, it does not mean our immune system is not working.  It is possible that the infection is a new form of strain that the body is not familiar with.  Once our body becomes familiar with a certain strain, through immunity, our body will never be infected by that specific strain again.  Such is the power and the troublesome work of our immune system.  Possibly the best thing about the immune system is that we do not need to do anything to maintain it, but we can somehow do something to strengthen it. (more…)

Getting to Know More about Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia or sometimes referred to as androgenetic alopecia is a type of hair loss that is hereditary in nature.  More commonly referred to as male pattern baldness, this type of hair loss follows a specific pattern usually starting from the temple regions and the crown.  The condition often starts with the thinning of hair lining which is then followed by hair loss.  The problem with androgenic alopecia is that it is not obvious that you have it until it manifests itself after a few years with its distinctive thinning of hair strands. (more…)

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