Buy Dapoxetine – For a Better Sexual Performance

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A man’s overall performance in bed is normally defined by how experienced he is in sex.  Normally, a man who has had multiple sexual relationships and countless years of experience will perform better in bed than a man who is just learning the ropes of sexual intercourse.  Due to overexcitement, some men actually ejaculate even prior to vaginal penetration during sex.  However, with practice, they are able to hold out longer and even perform better in bed.  Sadly, not all men are able to become better with practice due to male sexual condition called premature ejaculation (PE).

Premature ejaculation is a condition wherein a man has uncontrolled ejaculation at the slightest presence of sexual stimuli, even if this is against how they want it to be.  Such can actually be forgiven if a young man is overly excited by a female – a scenario better exemplified by the comedic movie, “American Pie,” wherein one of the main casts, Jim Levenstein, blows off a load at the point of undressing.  However, as mentioned earlier, with practice, most men can become much better in holding their load.  The problem though is that this does not always relate to everyone as some guys simply cannot hold their load, regardless of what techniques they use.  The truth is, the solution to such problem is not techniques but medications.  If you buy dapoxetine for your sexual problems, you will learn just how wonderful it is to be able to last long during sexual intercourse.


Bridging the Generation Gap

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I said we were going to do it anyway. My mother was silent. But when my son put up a tearful fight in her presence, she protested again.

“It’s cruel,” she said. “I can’t stand it.” And when, a few weeks later, he was ill and would not drink, sure enough, the first thing she lobbied for was to go back to the bottle. Unsure of myself this time around, I capitulated. My mother took the bottle to him. And even though it turned out that he didn’t want it anymore, she considered it a victory for grandmotherly compassion.

“Look,” my mom said some time afterward, “I’m the grandmother. You put him in my hands, and I’m not going to listen to any ‘expert.’ I’m going to give him a bottle and anything else he wants. When he’s with you, you’ll do it your way.”

Grandmother love. As frustrated as I sometimes am with such debates, I still consider myself a winner in these situations. As a single parent, I want and need my mother to be very involved. Even her disagreements about how I am doing things make me feel secure about her support. After all, how can you lose if your mother loves your son that much?

Grandparent Love
But this is not how the books tell grandparents to behave. Grandparents are advised to play by the parent’s rules. They are reminded that they are not the ones in charge. When they forget, they approach the line that can make grandparenting so touchy at times.

“I know that nobody loves my beautiful boy the way I and my husband do– except my parents,” my friend Paula confided to me. “I welcome my mother’s advice. I need it. But I also rail against being put into the child’s position again. And I want to reserve the right to reject what she says.”

Some call grandparent love the purest love there is. It is a love that is just there — unconditional and instinctive, a deep well for the newest arrival to the family to imbibe. But dealing with the parents of that precious child is not quite as instinctive. It all goes back to the dynamics between parent and child. All the old issues of control vs. autonomy, your way vs. my way and your values vs. my values are dredged up. (more…)