Changing Lifestyle to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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These days, the cause of erectile dysfunction is no longer just limited to physical and psychological issues.  There are many evidences that points out that some of our modern lifestyle are what causes the erection issues that a lot of men are having.  Because of these many undeniable evidence that point to lifestyle factors, it makes it important to know what these lifestyle factors are and check if you have anything similar and then make a change for the better.  The list below shows some of the lifestyle changes you may want to do to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Maintain Good Overall Health – since impotence can be caused by poor blood flow due to atherosclerosis or partial blockage of arteries, then maintaining a lifestyle that does not promote any of such can be very helpful.  In fact, doing this will also lessen your chances of acquiring any cardiovascular-related problems.

Proper Diet – eating fatty food may eventually lead to the clogging of arteries, which in turn can lead to the poor flow of blood towards the penis.  Instead of eating foods that are fatty frequently, try also to put some fruits and vegetables in your overall diet.  Such diet is not only good for your health, but it may also one day be the key for not having erectile dysfunction.

Exercise Regularly – by exercising regularly, you promote good heart rate and the healthy flow of blood inside your body.  In a study performed on older men, those that do regular jogging exercises have much better testosterone levels than those that are inactive.  Additionally, exercising regularly prevents the occurrence of obesity which is also one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction.

Limit Alcohol Intake – excessive alcohol intake can damage both the liver and the kidney.  Putting this into perspective, one of the most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction is kidney disease.   By drinking excessively, you may one day succumb to kidney disease which will then cause you to have erectile dysfunction, potentially ending your pride as a man.

Become Sexually Active – by becoming sexually active, you promote frequent erections.  This in turn helps with the blood flow towards the penis.  This frequent stimulation can in fact be healthy for the penis.  Having nocturnal erections and morning erections is actually a good sign of a healthy blood flow towards the penis.

Change or Reduce Medications – some medications are widely known to cause impotence.  Although such impotence is not permanent and can easily revert back to normal as soon as you stop taking that specific medication, it is preferable if the medication you are taking does not do anything with your erection at all.  If you notice any erection issues from taking a medication, if possible, try to contact your doctor to see if he can change the medication you are taking so that such side effect does not embarrass should an unscheduled sexual intercourse arise.

Quit Smoking – the smoke you get from tobacco contains lots of ingredients which are dangerous for the health.  Some of the ingredients are known to block or constrict the passageway of blood which may potentially lead to erectile dysfunction.

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