Childbirth Emergencies

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Childbirth Emergencies

After Delivery, Should You “Cut the Cord?”

If medical help is on the way, and if the baby is breathing and is close to full term, do not cut the umbilical cord.

However, if medical help doesn’ t arrive follow these steps:

  • When the umbilical cord is no longer moving, (you cannot see a pulse in the cord), use sterilized string to tightly tie off the cord about four inches from the baby’s navel.  Then use sterilized scissors to cut off the umbilical cord an inch or so beyond the knot, toward the mother.
  • Save the placenta or afterbirth after it slides out (usually 10 to 20 minutes after delivery).
  • Place the placenta in a container to give to medical personnel.
  • CAUTION:  Do not pull on the umbilical cord or otherwise try to get the placenta out.
  • After the placenta slides out, massage the mother’ s lower abdomen to help control any bleeding.
  • Keep both mother and baby warm until medical help arrives.

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