Exercise And Other Lifestyle Factors Prevent Impotence

Filed under: Cures for ED — Wayne @ 8:06 am December 4, 2014

Impotence affects millions of men in America, including about one in eight who men have chronic impotence. While there has been a dramatic increase for the need of impotence treatments such as Viagra, there is a way to reduce the risk of erectile dsyfunction from the onset. Exercise, low cholesterol and moderate alcohol consumption help to reduce the risk of impotence and may help to reduce the risk of other conditions such as obesity and high cholesterol.

In a study, researchers found that among the 2,000 participants, risk factors such as a large waistline, sedentary lifestyle, and either too little or too much alcohol consumption increased cholesterol levels and contribute to a higher risk for erectile dysfunction. Researchers know that high cholesterol levels block blood flow to the heart, and similarly, they believe that it may block blood flow to the genital area, thus inhibiting erection. Cholesterol is affected by diet, lack of exercise, too much or too little alcohol consumption, and weight, so researchers believe that a reduction in risk factors that contribute to high cholesterol may also help to reduce the risk of impotence

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