Facts about Vardenafil that You Should Know

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Vardenafil is a drug specifically made to treat erectile dysfunction, even though temporarily, so that men suffering from this condition will have full use of their penises and be able to participate in sexual activity with their partners.  Vardenafil is actually a very effective drug for male penile impotence which is why it is necessary that you are wary of the dosage you are taking in order to avoid overdosing.  To know your proper dosage and avoid overdosing, it is important that you consult your physician regarding this so you will be properly prescribed the right amount of dosage suitable for your needs.

For adults, the common dosage that doctors give is 10mg.  However, this may change depending on certain issues or circumstances that you may have.  Oftentimes, a 10mg pill is adequate enough to allow you to achieve an erection long and hard enough fit for sexual intercourse.  The pill should be taken orally followed by a glass of water, at least an hour before the anticipated sexual intercourse.  You must only take one dose per day and never more than that.  Even though it is inscribed ‘as needed’ basis, you still only need to take one dose per day as this inscription only refers to when you need to participate in a sexual activity on a given day.

For geriatric, the recommended dosage is 5mg which is also to be taken at least an hour before the scheduled sexual activity.

Depending on your past medical history or your current medical condition, your doctor may increase or decrease the dosage of vardenafil you are taking.  This means your dosage can be raised by as much as 20mg or reduced to only 5mg.  Mostly, the changes in dosage your doctor will make now depend on the effect the drug has on you.  If the effect on you is too strong, then your dosage will likely be decreased.  However, if the effect on you is very weak, not lasting long enough the duration of the intercourse, then your doctor will be increasing your dosage.  Always remember though to never adjust the dosage you are taking yourself.  It is still important to consult your doctor regarding dosage adjustments.

Using vardenafil, even at recommended doses, will not give you an erection.  Lots of men come to the conclusion that when they take an oral medication meant for treating erectile dysfunction that they will immediately have an erection.  This is in fact not true because you need to be sexually aroused or stimulated to get the workable erection effect that you need.

The drug vardenafil, in itself, can reduce blood pressure.  This makes it very important to be wary when taking nitrates or other anti-hypertensive drugs when taking vardenafil.  If you take vardenafil alongside nitrate medications, you will experience a dangerously low blood pressure which can even be fatal without immediate medical intervention.  This is why if you are taking anti-hypertensive medications, it is important that you consult with your doctor if vardenafil is suitable for you, or if your doctor can do a workaround on this matter.  The possible scenario would be your doctor changing the anti-hypertensive drugs you are taking purely for the purpose that will allow you to take vardenafil.

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