Finasteride Dosage – What Should You Use?

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Finasteride is a drug that was designed, engineered, and created by the pharmaceutical company, Merck, primarily for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or the acute enlargement of the male prostate.  This drug actually achieved its treatment objective and men that have prostate enlargements benefited from the effects of the drug.  However, the drug finasteride, as so happens, is not just a drug for treating acute prostate enlargement in men.  During the drug’s clinical testing phases, a side effect was reported by men who apparently suffered from the condition of male pattern baldness suddenly had improvements in their hair.

The side effect reports claimed that they saw an improvement with their hair loss issue and that their previously lost hairlines were somehow regenerating back.  The reports of the side effects were scrutinized by the scientists of Merck which is why they made their own scientific analysis as to what causes this improvement in the hair of those that have the genetic trait of male pattern baldness.  As they discovered, finasteride was also actually a very good remedy for male pattern baldness as it helps treat the hereditary baldness condition at hormonal level.  What they also discovered is that it takes smaller doses than that of the treatment of prostate enlargement to treat hair loss.

The finasteride dosage for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is 5mg.  On the other hand, the finasteride dosage for treating Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness is 1mg.  If you are treating any of the two, it is important that you know the finasteride dosage of the condition you want to treat.  Although the difference in their finasteride dosage is only very minimal, there are still price differences between the two so it pays to know the finasteride dosage you need when buying your medication.

As for the branded versions that Merck released, the finasteride dosage 5mg is called Proscar and it is your benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment.  For the finasteride dosage 1mg, it is called Propecia and it is the one you use to treat male pattern baldness.  However, since the branded versions can be quite costly, especially when you consider that you need to consume one pill each day, you can opt in using generic which finasteride.  Since the patent for both drugs have already expired, the availability of generic equivalents has now been made available as generic drug manufacturers are now manufacturing these generic equivalents.

There are hardly any differences between the branded versions and the generic versions as the generic ones are made exactly with the same ingredients as the branded ones.  One thing you do need to remember when buying generic is to remember the finasteride dosage that you would be using.  While the name differences for the branded versions are not confusing at all, the generic finasteride dosage differences is another matter, especially when you are not really acquainted with both drugs.  Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the 5mg finasteride dosage is for prostate and the 1mg finasteride dosage is for hair loss.  So as to further not get confused, think of it this way: consider the 1 in the 1mg finasteride dosage as a strand of hair so that you know this finasteride dosage is intended for hair loss.

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