Generic versus Branded Drugs

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When it comes to drugs or medications, we are often led to believe that branded drugs are better than generic ones because the latter are made with poor or inferior quality ingredients and that they are mostly intended for the financially deprived.  The thing is that this is not the case as generic drugs are made using the same ingredients as the branded ones.  The only difference perhaps is the manufacturing and quality control process.  This means that both branded and generic medications hardy have any difference in them as they both possess similar dosages and potencies.  What sets both apart though is the price as generic drugs are generally much cheaper than branded medications.

There Should Be No Difference between the Two

In theory and as claimed, there should not be any difference between both branded and generic drugs because they basically use the same ingredients.  For this reason, it should be safe to say that they have the same effect as their expensive counterpart.  Since all generic drugs are also FDA-approved, it means they are equally effective in treating the condition they are supposed to treat.

Take for instance finasteride 1mg, this is basically the same as the drug Propecia that is meant to treat male pattern baldness.  Many who have used finasteride 1mg claim that it is very similar Propecia and that they prefer to use finasteride 1mg over its branded counterpart due to the big difference in their prices.  Simply put, buying finasteride 1mg is more economically sound because finasteride 1mg is relatively much cheaper.  The best part is finasteride 1mg is available to buy online which means you can get even better saving in buying finasteride 1mg.

Another generic medication called generic tadalafil is actually the same drug as it branded counterpart, Cialis.  Generic tadalafil is available in the same dosages that Cialis has.  Generic tadalafil offers the same erectile effect that Cialis provide which is why a lot of men with ED that are on a budget has moved into buying generic tadalafil because they are able to get more for their money.  The best part is, since generic tadalafil is basically made from the same ingredients that Cialis has, it can also provide the 36 hours of effective duration that the branded drug is proud of and advertises highly.  Buying generic tadalafil simply gives you a better bang for your buck.

Issues with Generic Drugs

Although the generic meds mentioned above are made to the exact same specification as their branded brethren, the same cannot be said with other generic medicines.  Sometimes, due to poor quality control, some generic medicines can either be too strong or too weak.  However, in most cases, it is reported that generic meds are simply weak due to being made from inferior quality ingredients.  Of course, this cannot be said of all generically made medicines as some manufacturers of such drugs have high standards than others.  If you are having second thoughts on a type of generic medication you are about to buy, make a simple research over the internet to give you peace of mind.

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