Hair Care for Men

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Most men hardly take care of their hair.  They think that as long as they shampoo their hair regularly, then it’s okay.  The truth is men also need a certain hair care routine just the same way as women do.  Hair is still hair, and regardless of gender, it needs to be taken care of properly.  In fact, even if men only sport short hair, they are still prone to certain hair damages.  This is why such routine hair care can help them save their hair from unnecessary hair damages.  And, it’s not like they become less manly because they take care of their hair, but that they become more attractive to the opposite sex thanks to their well-groomed hair.

The question now is what type of hair care routine should a man have?  The first step of course should be having a clean hair and scalp.  Having a clean hair and scalp is actually the foundation of having healthy hair.  By keeping the hair and scalp clean, you prevent excessive natural oil from building up and that you also prevent any issues of scalp problems like dandruff.

Cleaning the hair is actually very easy as this involves the only hair care product most men are used to – the shampoo.  The funny thing is, even if this is the only hair care product most men know, many still make the mistake of choosing the wrong type of shampoo for their hair.  It is important to choose the right type of shampoo specifically designed for your type of hair.  For example, if you hair is oily, then you should choose a shampoo made for oily hair.  If your hair is dry, then you should choose a shampoo that is made for dry hair.  The problem with most men however, as have I in the past, chooses by preference – on the smell of the content or maybe the color of the container.

Once you’ve chosen your proper shampoo, you need to remember that shampooing frequently can damage your hair.  It is recommended to use a conditioner for daily wash instead.

The second step in the men’s hair care routine would be to use hair conditioners.  The use of conditioner not just helps to make the hair more soft and manageable, but it also makes it healthier.  The main purpose of the conditioner is the replenishing of lost nutrients and moisture inside the hair and locking it that way.  Both the sun and pollution are highly known for sapping the moisture and nutrients of our hair, but by using hair conditioners, you basically have a first defense in blocking the  harmful rays and pollution caused by these two environmental elements.

The third step in a man’s hair care routine is nothing more than keeping the hair trimmed.  Although there are many guys who like sporting long hair, my personal preference in hair are short or even military cut, the same cut Tom Cruise sported in his movie Top Gun.  Having your hair cut frequently can help greatly in making it healthy. Read more

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