How to Rejuvenate with HGH Piils

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For decades, science has been desperate for searching an ultimate solution to reverse the aging process. HGH, or the human growth hormone, was one of the most interesting discoveries since the 1920s due to its promising benefits to fight the signs of aging. No wonder it gained the title as the “fountain of youth.” But how can we rejuvenate with HGH? There are quite simple and natural ways to up your growth hormone level without actually involving those synthetic hormones which are more expensive and dangerous. Read on to learn the easy tricks!

Get a regular intense workout

How many times do you actually expose your body to exhausting activities? No matter what kind of exercise you do as long as it can stress your body a bit and makes you sweat a lot is good enough to keep your GH on the top level. Although this tip is not actually new, you should know that getting enough exercise stimulates your body to burn more fats and synthesize more protein to come up with the demands from the energy-draining activities. This, in return, causes your system to produce more growth hormones as a natural reaction. However, giving in to more than an hour of exercise is not also good and healthy. The recommended time you should allot for exercise is around 30 to 45 minutes per day. This should be enough to keep your pituitary gland kicking.

Stick with 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday

No matter how hectic our schedule is, we should not forget to take enough rest since this is where our body can regenerate new cells and regain the energy we have lost throughout the day’s activities. Aside from this, it is during sleeping time where we are able to produce 75 percent of our growth hormones needed to stay in good shape. Experts say that you should stick around 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily to reap the maximum health benefits. However, bear in mind that a regular sleeping pattern is important so that your REM stage will not be distorted. This is also important for stimulating your body in mass producing those good hormones.

Switch to a healthy diet

Remember that whatever you take in to your mouth will be reflected on your body and overall health since this is where we get our nutrients. Opt for fresh fruits and leafy greens instead of frozen or canned goods. Fresh produce is the best source of vitamins and enzymes that keeps your body on excellent condition, especially the immune system.

Use natural hormone releasers

If you are not new with HGH, you may have heard already about injectable synthetic hormones, sprays, as well as supplements. All of these products may contribute to enhance growth hormone level, but they do not produce the same results. Artificial HGH that are directly injected into the blood stream may promise the fastest results, but this can be risky especially if taken without a doctor’s prescription. However, HGH in the form of supplements offers the safest method since they are taken orally, not directly into the blood stream. Moreover, they are made of natural herbs to stimulate your body for HGH production. Growth hormone provide you the same benefits without risking your health as well as your hard-earned money.

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