How to Take Generic Tadalafil Safely

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Tadalafil are phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor and are medications used for erectile dysfunction (ED).  They are the generic version of Cialis which is used as a treatment for ED and Adcirca which is used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.  Tadalafil come in tablet form and are prescription medications.  Tadalafil tablets are mostly taken for ED problems.

This medication is effective in treating ED because it works by stopping the chemical phosphodiesterase type-5.  Due to this, it is able to allow the relaxing of muscles while keeping them open much longer.  When individuals suffering from ED get aroused, the medication helps to improve the flow of blood into the penis helping it to sustain an erection.

Before taking tadalafil, it is important that you have consulted with your doctor regarding this matter and that you have been advised whether you are physically healthy enough to have sexual intercourse or not.  It is also important that your doctor is aware of any medical conditions you have such as heart conditions, hypertension, arrhythmia, eye problems, liver or kidney problems, other ED medications you are taking, or if you have any type of deformation in your penis.

Before taking this treatment, it is recommended that you first read the printed information found inside the packaging.  This printed leaflet will provide you with the necessary information regarding the product along with the possible side effect you can get from taking the product.  When you take the product, make sure to follow as directed by doctor.  You can take this medication with food or without food, just make sure that you do not take it more than once per day.  You need to take the medicine at least half-an-hour before the scheduled activity.  The effect of the medication will usually last up to four hours.  However, if you have any type of kidney or liver condition, the effect may become a bit longer.  Some reports say that it can still be effective even after 24 hours of taking the tadalafil tablet.  Should you have an erection longer than 4 hours, you may need to seek medical help to prevent any lasting damage.

You need to remember that generic tadalafil in itself will not cause you to have an erection.  This means that you and your partner should engage in foreplay so that you become sexually stimulated.  Drinking excessive alcohol however may affect the effectiveness of the medication.

When taking tadalafil, you should always keep in mind not to take more than your prescribed dosage.  Should you accidentally overdose yourself, or perhaps suspect someone of overdosing, you need to contact the nearest emergency department of the nearest hospital so they can apply emergency measure on you or on that someone you know.  Bringing the bottle/container with you even if it’s empty can help you to avoid having to explain the situation and reason behind it further.  Remember by heart that this medication is intended for your use only so never share it with others.  If the expiration of the medication has passed, make sure to dispose of them properly.

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