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UTI or more commonly known as urinary tract infection, is a common occurrence among women. In fact, more than 90 percent of women are expected to experience urinary tract infection at least once in their lifetime. Although men are also subject to having UTI, this kind of infection is very common among the female populace because of the female structure of the genital parts. Unlike men, the genital opening in women are much closer to the uranus, causing the bacteria to spread faster. This is commonly caused by wrong way of wiping, or even hygiene. Other causes of UTI are low immune system and other medical conditions or injuries that have triggered the infection. Whatever the main source of your UTI, it is very critical to get antibiotics for UTI asap to deal with the problem before it can spread to other organs and cause complications.


Today you can find a lot of antibiotics for UTI, with amoxicillin being the most common. Amoxicillin is a type of antibiotics for UTI which can be easily accessed through over the counter. a lot of drugstores would not usually recommend you to present a doctor’s prescription when you buy this antibiotics for UTI.


Amox is known as the most common brand name for amoxicillin. Its basic function is to destroy the protective walls of the bacteria cells to weaken the microorganism, making it easier to be washed off by the immune system out of the body.


Since antibiotics for UTI such as Amoxicillin is a drug, you are expected to experience some side effects during treatment. This might include diarrhea, headaches, swollen tongue, and vaginal itchiness. These side effects are usually normal. However if the symptoms include more serious side effects such as hives and difficulty breathing, you are advised to see your doctor as soon as possible since this could be a sign of allergy.


Aside from Amoxicillin, there are many other drugs you can use as antibiotics for UTI. However, it is very important to make sure what kind of infection you are really having. If in doubt, it is important that you see your doctor first rather than making a self-diagnosis. This will help you prevent from taking the wrong drugs and thus prevent further complications.


Although you can easily buy antibiotics for UTi over the counter or through the internet, be reminded that antibiotics can have serious side effects for your health if taken in the wrong dosage, or taken for the wrong infection. A lot of people usually abuse the use of antibiotics for UTI because they do not want to see their doctor first. To avoid health problems and even complications from the infection you are currently affected to, make sure that you consult your physician first before you get antibiotics for UTI for treatment.

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