Safety Information Regarding the Hair Loss Drug Finasteride

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The drug finasteride was initially developed for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States under the brand name Proscar.  When it was released in the market, patients who were taking the medication reported a certain side effect that the drug had – it stopped their hair loss.

News of this came to the attention of the manufacturer Merck and they decided to undergo testing of the said side effect.  It was then found out that the side effect was true and greatly beneficial, not just for them as a company, but also for those who suffer from the condition that it treats – androgenic alopecia.  Based on their clinical studies, it was found that the drug works at much lower dosage than the dosage they make for their benign prostatic hyperplasia drug.  Basically, the dosage for prostate enlargement drug goes at 5mg, and the dosage for male pattern baldness drug goes at 1mg.  Soon after, the drug Propecia was approved by the US FDA and was released to the market.

The drug finasteride is actually a very safe drug to use.  Nevertheless, following the prescription of your physician is still very important.  In case however you cannot remember the instructions your physician gave you, you can always rely on the leaflet and label that comes with the drug for more accurate dosing.

The information leaflet that comes with this medication contains the necessary things you ought to know about the medication.  If there are certain things on the leaflet that you do not understand, you can always ask you pharmacist regarding the matter, or much better, consult your doctor about it.

What makes finasteride very safe is that it can be taken with or without food and that it is not known to interact with any prescription medications.  Once you start taking the drug, it is important that you continue to do so for the next several months.  This is because any improvements to your symptoms of male pattern baldness are not exactly noticeable within just a few weeks.  Oftentimes, it takes about three months before any improvements are noticeable.  The truth is, even if you already notice the improvements, you still need to continue on taking finasteride, otherwise, all the months you have been taking the medication will have been for naught.

Finasteride is very effective against hair loss, particularly androgenic alopecia, because it works at a hormonal level.  By preventing the creation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for hair loss in androgenic alopecia, you therefore stop hair loss from occurring or from progressing.  This is the very reason why finasteride is the most effective treatment for male pattern baldness because it does not treat hair loss at the roots of the hair, but it treats it at the root of the cause.

One of the  finasteride side effects is reported for is the decrease in sexual drive or even erectile dysfunction.   Although these claims are not unfounded as they may have happened to a certain few, but neither are they permanent because they are just simply the effect of the medication.  Nevertheless, if you feel like you are encountering some of these symptoms even when you have stopped taking the medication, it is important that you contact your doctor immediately so you can be properly evaluated.

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