Smoking – A Major Contributor to Impotence

Smoking is one of the most common addictions in the world and many scientists agree that nicotine is the most addictive substance there is.  Since smoking is not exactly illegal, you will find a lot of people almost everywhere smoking.  The addiction of people on smoking is so rampant that government and private agencies have to enforce strict non-smoking policies on certain areas just to prevent smokers from lighting up and venting their secondhand smoke in these smoke free zones.

The truth is the popularity of smoking among adults and teens are endless as even high scale Hollywood movies seen to glamorize and exhibit that smoking is cool.  However, once you get addicted to it, it’s really hard to let go, particularly since cigarettes are not pretty expensive after all, and that whatever brand it is that you smoke is easily attainable.

imagesAll doctors agree that smoking is bad and even worse if you are a man because smoking has devastating effect on your overall erectile physiology.  Many studies made on smoking clinically shows that it hinders your capability to sustain a lasting erection.  Even though this is not an inability to achieve an erection, not having the capability to sustain an erection also qualifies as erectile dysfunction.

Based on survey and intelligent statistics, nearly 500 million men (give or take) suffer from this condition.  Once you have the condition, even after you’ve stopped smoking, it is likely that you will still have difficulties supporting or maintaining an erection.

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction involve blood circulation.  Smoking is actually a great contributing factor to circulation disorders and is the main culprit when it comes to atherosclerosis.  Once the arteries near the pelvis get hit by atherosclerosis, then the blood flow towards the penis is reduced, exhibiting out signs of erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes is one of the more known culprits of impotence which is why if you have diabetes, it is important that you also quit smoking as early as possible.  This is because the issues of diabetes-related issues on the circulatory system are just prolific and tends to extend more not just on erectile dysfunction issues, but also on stroke and heart diseases.

The causes of impotence often differ with every individual.  Then again, some of the more common origins have been identified to be: smoking, excessive alcohol intake, depression, epilepsy, psychosis, some prescription medications, illicit drugs, and medical issues.  In order to avoid getting hit by this truly embarrassing life-changing condition, sometimes, there is a need to change your lifestyle.  This does not involve changing the way you dress or changing the people you meet and get in touch with, but it is more on what you put in your system, such as alcohol, nicotine, and many more.

By going through the possible causes of erectile dysfunction, you can avoid some of the contributing factors so you are certain that this condition will not affect you in any way.  Simply by stopping to smoke and lowering your amount of alcohol intake, you are making baby but necessary steps to avoid getting hit by impotence.

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