The Signs of Aging – Are These Normal?

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It is often said that if you want to live long you must be prepared to grow old.  While many of us accept the many struggles of growing old, some are still left uneasy of the fact that growing old means to be prone to the aging signs you see in a lot of senior citizens you meet.  The thing is, regardless of how unadapt we are with this growing old thingy, we must face reality because like it or not, if are going to live long, then we will definitely live old.

As you first reach the golden years, those used to be just single strands of gray hair seems to be becoming more numerous and inevitable.  Although you can safely say that aging is a quiet process, those early signs you see shouts you’re getting old.  This does not just mean our outer physical appearance, but also our body and possibly our internal chemistry are changing.  The insurmountable stamina that you had back in your youth can no longer be summoned or taken advantage of.  In fact, many of the capacities that you had back in your youth simply fades away into a more ill-type manner.  The two listed below shows some of the adventures you have to cope up with growing old:

Memory Loss – if you’re having trouble remembering simple things like where you placed your keys, where you placed your eyeglasses, where you placed your wallet, or even forgot the name of a recently met acquaintance, consider yourself to be still lucky because you are not alone.  The truth is these momentary lapses of memory are normal with age, and they are neither disease nor dementia.

The truth about memory loss is that it does not actually impair you from doing your daily duties.  In fact, all of us can have it from time to time, just not as frequent as the elderly though.  The reason behind this is possibly because the processing power of the brains slows down quite a bit with age.  This is the main reason why elderly people try to focus more on one task because they find it hard doing multiple tasks all at once.  If they do one thing, they sometimes forget the other thing they were actually doing.  Then again, in terms of relative reasoning and cognitive function, the elderly usually outshines the younger generation.

Hearing Loss – what’s that sonny, can you speak louder?  Sounds familiar? Nearly a third of those who are above sixty years of age will some type of hearing loss.  The condition is mostly part of loss in sensory receptors located inside the inner ear.  According to elderly people with the condition, they claim that the sounds seemed muffled at first and those with high-pitched voices seemingly harder to comprehend what they are trying to say.  At first, they thought it was a joke and that they were being tricked, but then, slowly, they have come to accept the condition as it is a part of growing old.  Men however tend to have far worse hearing loss than that of women.  Thankfully though, there are now advanced hearing aids that are very effective and very reliable.

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