Three Common Method on How HGH Supplementation are Administered

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The Human Growth Hormone is a vital part for the growth and development of our bodies.  It is common knowledge that the production of natural growth hormones in our body is at its peak during childhood but gradually declines as we grow older.  This means deficiency of this vital hormone is not uncommon during our senior years in life.  However, there are individuals who are unlucky to be deficient of this hormone during their childhood and even carry it over during their adult life.

Thanks to modern technology and advanced research in medical science, they have now developed HGH supplementation which can be used by those who are truly deficient of HGH, or by those who want to increase their HGH levels similar to that during their youth so they can take advantage of the many benefits that increased HGH levels have to offer.

There are actually three common methods on how HGH supplementation is administered – through HGH injections, HGH pills, and HGH spray.

HGH injections were actually the first form of HGH supplementation.  It was developed out of the necessity to treat children who were suffering from dwarfism due to growth hormone deficiency.  The concoction contained in the injection is actually synthetic growth hormones that have been artificially synthesized in the lab.  While this may sound unnatural, it is actually much better to how they purify HGH decades before as the HGH supplementation back then, although more natural in form, was purified from the pituitary glands of dead humans, collected in bulk and then purified just to get a few droplets of HGH.  What made this method no longer a viable method was that HGH was expensive to produce, and that if the juice was not properly purified, those who have taken the medication were likely to suffer from Creutzfeld-Jacob disease which cause brain damage and ultimately death.

HGH pills were thought to be the forefront and future of HGH supplementation.  This is because the method is not only cheap, but it is also much more convenient than having to prick yourself with an injection.  However, the method did not seem viable enough because as soon as HGH was ingested, the hormones are destroyed by the stomach acids.  So came the releaser form.  This HGH pills did not have actual growth hormones but instead contains ingredients that can help to stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more growth hormones.  This was actually very good for the body because the growth hormones being produced were naturally produced and not a synthetic form being introduced to the body.  What makes HGH pills in releaser form is that they are both very safe and very convenient to use.

HGH sprays were believed to be the more convenient method to deliver human growth hormones inside the body.  However, experts argue that the growth hormone molecule is far bigger to penetrate the lining of skin, thereby rendering the method ineffective and also a good and complete waste of your money.

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