Vardenafil HCl – Why it is the Preferred ED Treatment Drug of Choice by Many

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of those conditions that most man would not want to have.  This is because if they get it, they feel like their sex life is gone forever.  Also, the condition is quite embarrassing that most would not even admit it to their friends.  It is said that some would not even consult the issue with their doctor because of embarrassment or fear they would be laughed at.  Due to this, it is impossible to really determine how many men suffer from the condition, but statistics shows it at over a hundred million.

Most people that are familiar with the term erectile dysfunction know that there is already a treatment for this.  If they have not experienced the condition themselves, it is likely that the only ED drug they know is Viagra.  This can be forgiven because Viagra is in fact the pioneer that started this whole ED treatment drugs after all.  However, if they have experience the condition for themselves and have already taken ED drugs, it is likely that they are familiar with more than just one medication.  For men that have tried out different ED treatment drugs, one medication stands out among all other drugs – vardenafil HCl.

Vardenafil HCl is actually one among four ED treatment medications in the market.  What makes vardenafil HCl very popular though is that this drug is actually very effective in treating erectile dysfunction.  This effectiveness was further proven when a survey on the efficacy of ED drugs was made.  The survey showed that vardenafil had an efficacy rating of 86% whereas Viagra faired only 84%.  While such difference may not seem much, the possibility of being in those two percent is simply not worth taking.  This is why if you want effectiveness, go with vardenafil HCl.  If you want name popularity, Viagra may suit you, but be prepared though as Viagra have nasty side effects.

One of the main thing that draws men with ED into using vardenafil HCl is not because it is the most effective ED drug there is, but because it is the safest as you are less likely to experience the side effects PDE5 inhibitor drugs are known for.  Due to the same mechanism of action that PDE5 inhibitor drugs do, they all exhibit the same side effects as well as drug reaction and contraindications.  However, due to the difference in active ingredients, you are less likely to experience some of them using vardenafil HCl.  It does not mean that the side effects are not possible, it is just that you have a lesser likelihood of encountering them through the use of vardenafil HCl.

In terms of advantage, vardenafil HCl has two additional advantages over Viagra that are least mentioned – fast onset of action and duration of effect.  With Viagra, you need to take it at least an hour before sexual intercourse for the drug to take its full effect.  With vardenafil HCl, all you need is 20 minutes and you already have the drug in full effect.  Additionally, the effect of Viagra lasts only 4 hours whereas the effect of vardenafil HCl is 8 hours, double that of Viagra.

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