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Kathy Lynn's Cherokee Books and Native American CD's

In her first CD, Not So Long Ago …, the flute
music is healing and the storytelling is inspirational.

Kathy Lynn is a Cherokee professional storyteller who teaches that "we are all a part of nature, not apart from nature." During her career, she has had an incredible journey. The CD is a collection of thirteen traditional stories, each accompanied by Kathy playing original songs on the Native American Flute.

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 The Locust Thorn  - the story originally portrayed in Butterflies Still Sing has been redone and updated as The Locust Thorn to include information about the little church in Cowan, Tennessee.   

The Locust Thorn is a delightful book that transcends age groups; the strikingly straight-from-the-heart portrait of Ellen Jane Cummins who married Cherokee William Coker in 1843.  Written through Ellen Jane’s eyes and covering three decades, the story begins in 1837 when Ellen was not quite 16 and her Methodist preacher father accepts a call to create a church among the Cherokees in Franklin County, Tennessee.  This is a tale of love and values, capturing Ellen’s passions, loves, insecurities and fears, her anguish for the ill-fated Cherokees during the Trail of Tears, the horrors of the Civil War, and is truly an unforgettable story of one white woman who loved and married a Cherokee man.

An autographed copy of The Locust Thorn can be purchased directly from the author by clicking hereor from your local bookstore.

When the Morning Stars Sang ... is a fascinating step back in time to the antebellum South, where three groups of people forged an existence in a struggling land.  It is Cassie’s story, as well as of the Cherokee facing forced removal, and the slaves of Laura Glenn Plantation, their struggles, their dreams and their faith.  It is also the story of James and Laura Long and the true parental love they shared for Cassie - more than that of master and slave.  With rare literary artistry, author Kathy Lynn paints word pictures of the bygone era that will leave haunting images on your heart.

 From the prologue, Cassie draws us into her world ... a splendid page-turner that you may have to stay home and read again."  Kevin Delk, screenwriter.

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