Kathy Lynn's Cherokee Books

Remembering the tale that was lost...


Current project:   My next book is at the publisher!  Wisdom of the Grandfathers is about Travis Coker of Cowan, Tennessee who unwillingly ends up in Stand Watie's Cherokee Mounted Rifles in the Civil War battle at Pea Ridge, Arkansas.  This book has been so much fun to write, as the battle took place just down the road from where we live in Arkansas.  I have visited the battlefield, interviewed people and have taken pictures.  Little Sugar Creek, the site of both camping and fighting, cuts through our land!  This book will be released during Polly Crockett Days in Cowan, Tennessee, September 2008.

Future Projects

Richard Ratliff:  I had planned to write about Richard Ratliff and his days as a trapper, guide and scout in Tennessee, and the time he spent as a member of Andrew Jackson's White Plumes.  That book just wasn't coming together as I would have liked, so I had put it on the back burner. I have pulled it out, dusted it off and have started working on it again!  I found out a lot of good information about him last year in Tennessee about how and when he traveled on the Trail of Tears, including the route he took.  That book will still include his involvement in the new Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and Chief Pathkiller.  My hope is that this book will be published in 2009.  That book has always been the book I have wanted to write, it just seems as if it is not the time.  Perhaps next year!

Children's Book:  I plan on writing a book for children about a Brahma calf named Jackie, and will be based on the very real Brahma cow I had named Jackie that had really big ears!  She is my inspiration for the story.  I think this will be a fun project!  Now that I have a grandson, it is probably time for this book.