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Remembering the tale that was lost...

Presentations for Kids (or kids of all ages!)

NOTE:  Kathy is a member of the Indigenous Cultures Institute Performances Program and participates in the 2008-2010 Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Artists Roster.

This allows a non-profit Texas Presenter to apply for funding to cover a portion of her fees.  This is a mini-grant program that can help with the cost.  Contact Kathy for more information at Sunceria@hotmail.com

  Lots of involvement with students in a fun, learning experience.  Crafts, music making, Native American dance.


Water Beetle offers outstanding programs lasting from one hour to all day, teaching about Native American culture and history. Kathy creatively enchants her audiences using her Cherokee Story Table and Native American Flute. 

We bring along many, many artifacts.  Our goal is to immerse the students with examples of our natural and cultural past. For the most part, we focus on the period between 1750 and the 1800’s. Inspire children to consider, "What was it like? How did 'they' live?  What would I need if I was there - THEN? "     We cover tools & accessories, weapons,  basketry, clothing, shelter, foods IMG_2093.jpg picture by Sunceria_photosand skills of the time.

Children love learning about Cherokee toys.  We have stickball, dart games, Cherokee marbles, chunkey, corn husk dolls, handkerchief dolls and more.

  It is Kathy's hope that she honors the Spirit of her ancestors by sharing her culture through education and storytelling.

Both Kathy and Joe feel a responsibility to the next generations to carry on the oral tradition — one that they take very seriously. 

If space allows, as she ends her presentation, she invites children, students, and families to join her in a Native American Dance.

All programs are age-appropriate.

School Programs for Kids

Programs can be custom designed to fit the needs of your school or organization.

Be sure to ask Kathy about her MULTIPLE BOOKING DISCOUNT!

School Presentations
CHEROKEE HISTORY AND THE TRAIL OF TEARS   IMG_2062.jpg picture by Sunceria_photos

This program begins with a PowerPoint presentation that combines music, history and beautiful pictures, spanning the Cherokee from pre-contact through today. Students will learn about dwellings, clothing, family life, and more.

For younger students, Kathy has a PowerPoint program focusing on the lives of Cherokee children (with or without a simple reference to Trail of Tears) and includes storytime and crafts if requested.

IMG_2078.jpg picture by Sunceria_photosKathy desires that students will embrace and celebrate the history and culture of Cherokees and all of Native America’s indigenous people!.

A Teaching Curriculum is provided to the teacher beforehand.  IMG_1892.jpg picture by Sunceria_photos

This program may be structured to accommodate any size group/class.    

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