Water Beetle Cherokee Programs

Remembering the tale that was lost...


"Travel back in time to learn about Cherokee life, foods, weapons, clothing, and more!" 

Water Beetle's living history program can be taken into libraries, schools and museums, as well as outdoor events such as rendezvous and reenactments. 

We demonstrate and talk about how the Cherokees lived in the 1700's and 1800's.  Cherokee people did not live in tipis, so we use our pyramid tent as a backdrop to our living history demonstrations. Our tent is 9'3" tall and can easily be set up indoors or outside.     

  Our program is suitable for students, scouts and other groups and can include all or part of the following.

1. Discuss the Pre-Contact Cherokees, how and why they migrated to this continent and what happened next.

2. Clothing before and after European contact.

3. Cherokee Family Life. Discussion includes family structure, clan membership and extended families, marriage, education of children, naming, property rights and the issue of owning land.  We also mention greetings, giving gifts and social customs and mannerisms.

4. Housing. Different kinds of homes and structures the Cherokee used, including summer and winter houses, log cabins, mansions, and plantations.   This includes WHY they lived in each style of house; WHO built the house; WHO owned the house; as well as building materials and more.  We also talk about the fireplace, rope beds, how clothing and other items were stored and more.   

5. We have a large collection of dried herbs and medicinal plants.  Most of these we collected ourselves.  We tell what each plant is used for in the time before doctors and hospitals.

6.  We display Cherokee stored foods such as dried corn, flour, sugar, fruit leather, nuts, etc. These are displayed in historical dishes, pottery, baskets or trade ceramic or metal ware.  We also talk about food preservation, materials, tools, and utensils found in the home.

We bring in many cultural items to be viewed up close.  This includes gathering and hunting tools, personal objects, masks, rattles, drums, weapons, toys and game items, skins, furs, pouches, etc. 

Children love learning about Cherokee toys.  We have stickball, Cherokee marbles, chunkey, cornhusk dolls, handkerchief dolls, toys and more.

A curriculum is provided for use in the classroom (for elementary or high school).

Our host has several choices of programs to choose from.  Everyone gets to see the artifacts up close and we love questions!  

We tell Cherokee Traditional Stories and if desired and time allows, try Native American dancing. 

Joe insures that his tools and methods are authentic and correct as he demonstrates arrowhead making, tomahawk making and rattle making.  

Teachers and Group Leaders decide the time length of this program, which can be easily adapted to last from 45 minutes to a one or two day residency. 

Give your group an unforgettable experience!

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