Water Beetle Cherokee Programs

Remembering the tale that was lost...


Native American Flute

Kathy begins this program by playing a few songs on one of her Native American flutes and then giving a brief presen tation on the Native American flute itself. Members of the audience then get  the opportunity to accompany Kathy on a variety of other instruments, such as the frog percussion drum, various shakers and rattles.  This is certainly a fun and educational program and indeed a relaxing experience that can be added to any of Water Beetle's programs and presentations.  

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When we are presenting to children, Kathy plays the flute and Joe plays appropriate background music consisting of a variety of sounds -  crickets, waves, thunder and more.  But the best accompanyment of the presentation is by the children.  Each child gets to play along with a rattle, a drum or other noise maker.  In between songs, the children learn about the history of the Native American Flute and how it is made.  Students absolutely love this presentation that can be added to any presentation. 




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