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Remembering the tale that was lost...


NOTE:  Kathy is a member of the Indigenous Cultures Institute Performances Program and participates in the 2008-2010 Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Artists Roster.

This allows a non-profit Texas Presenter to apply for funding to cover a portion of her fees.  This is a mini-grant program that can help with the cost.  Contact Kathy for more information at Sunceria@hotmail.com


Kathy weaves history, music and tribal stories into entertaining and educational PowerPoint presentations.

Cherokee History and the Trail of Tears (Migration - 1839)
Cherokee History and the Trail of Tears (1780's - 1839)
Cherokee Culture, Artifacts and Traditional Stories
"What do I Say" about Native Americans
I is not for Indian - Diversity Training


Cherokee History and the Trail of Tears  - These PowerPoint presentations either begins with the Cherokee Creation Story and covers the Cherokee as they migrated to North America or covers the history and events of pre-Indian Removal.   Beautiful pictures and music accompanies Kathy as she tells about day to day life, the pain and turmoil involved in the removal of the Cherokee by the U.S. government in 1838.

Cherokee Culture, Artifacts and Traditional Stories

This Powepoint presentation covers a brief history of the Cherokee before Kathy "shows and tells" about numerous artifacts that she brings along. She then tells stories that delight all ages. 

Water Beetle Cherokee Programs was recently suppored by the National Endowment for the Arts.  We were extremely pleased with this honor of our work.  We strive to maintian cultural and historical accuracy and present a quality program that is informative, interesting and fun.     





Native American Flute

Please see the "Native American Flute" page for information on this program - either alone or in combination with any of Water Beetle's programs and presentations.  

What Do I Say" about Native Americans

I have had several invitations to speak to writers clubs and groups on how they can avoid stereotyping Native Americans.  But this program is also a valuable resource for anyone that is writing, describing, teaching, selecting textbooks, or designing exhibits and public programs that incorporates Native American people.  Kathy uses humor and involves the audience in a "no preaching, just teaching" manner that guarantees a lasting impression. 

There are plenty of "good" books - i.e. well-written, exciting, from respected authors, much-loved by their readers, with well-developed characters - that are terrible when examined with the criteria of whether the Native Americans depicted in them are accurately or even humanly portrayed.  In this seminar, Kathy shares what Native Americans want from authors.


I is Not for Indian - For a subject worked and reworked so often in novels, motion pictures, and television, American Indians are...the least understood and the most misunderstood Americans of us all.  (John F. Kennedy, 1963) 

Native Americans exist in the present day, and this program will dispel myths and misconceptions created by television, movies, history books, novels, and the educational system.

As businesses continue growing and hiring a high percentage of Native American workers, the cultural diversity influences impact employee production, teamwork participation and leadership styles. Attendees gain a comprehensive knowledge of Native American personal belief systems, lifestyles, learning processes and affects on work habits. Attendees learn how to work within, manage and supervise a culturally diverse workforce.

Presentation Summary:

Native American History Overview

Definition of Cultural Awareness

Cultural Stereotypes

Working within a Multicultural Staff

Conflict Resolution


 Receive outstanding reviews from attendees at your next event!

Kathy’s presentations are highly motivational and entertaining. Her speaking is energetic, insightful, humorous and spiritual. She weaves Native American elements of vision, faith, and strength into every topic she addresses or teaches. She blends Native American wisdom and personal skills and  her audiences instantly connect with her message and love her contagious enthusiasm.

Invite Kathy to speak at your group’s next meeting, special event, festival, campfire or outing.

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