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Janet Littlecrow is a friend of mine and she makes AWESOME regalia.  She recently made this dress for me, as well as a ribbon shirt for Joe.  I have put information and some more pictures here for you to see.  Janet is widely known for creating pow-wow regalia in the authentic styles of many tribes. She designed & sold her first wedding dress at the age of 15, and began creating stomp dance clothing & powwow regalia for friends & family nearly 25 years ago in Tulsa, OK. Over the years, she has dressed champion dancers, princesses and Head Staff at major powwows, including Red Earth, Gathering of Nations, and Pechanga. She has dressed Native American dance troupe members that tour world-wide, and made several pieces of traditional clothing for the Mid-America All Indian Center Museum in Wichita, Kansas. 

Her webpage is www.littlecrowtradingpost.com.




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