Water Beetle Cherokee Programs

Remembering the tale that was lost...

"Di ni yo li” (Imagine!)
2010 Summer Library/State Park Program

This summer, be CREATIVE at your library!

What could be more CREATIVE than encouraging the children to use   

their imaginations while listening to Native American stories?

Enjoy tales where Animals speak the same language as YOU and ME!

               Learn …

          How Skunk Got His Scent...

          How Fly Saved the River…

          Why Bat Hangs Upside Down…

              ... and MORE!!

This program can be geared for any age group.  The children learn Cherokee words, they make head bands, drums and rattles and other crafts and there’s a whole lot of fun for everyone. 

                                                                                                                                     CRAFTS TOO! 
Be sure to book your 2010 Summer Library Program EARLY!!

Native American Culture Residency Program

Our residence program is a cultural education program can be offered for ½ day or all day, indoors or out,

and offers  children or adults an opportunity to see a variety of artifacts — including baskets, hand drums, rattles, corn husk dolls, weapons, household and “day-to-day” life items, and arrow heads through our Traveling Exhibit.

This is an unforgettable experience for most people.

This residency program may be structured to accommodate any size group.

We bring along many, many artifacts.  Our goal is to immerse our audience with examples of our natural and cultural past. For the most part, we focus on the period between 1750 and the 1800’s. What was it like? How did “they” live?  What would need if you were there - THEN?      We cover tools & accessories, weapons, games, toys, clothing, shelter, foods and skills of the time.

Children love learning about Cherokee toys.  We have stickball, Cherokee marbles, chunkey, cornhusk dolls, handkerchief dolls and more.

We have displays of many weapons and more.  We have displays of many weapons and more. 

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